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AGU Seq Urban Raincoat - Women - Black

Regular Price: £104.69

Special Price £81.86

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Regular Price: £104.69

Special Price £81.86

With the AGU SEQ Urban coat, the female cyclist is always unobtrusively prepared for rain.


  • Equipped with an innovative system that ensures the stylish coat can transform into an elegant poncho
  • Sides of the jacket unzip and are placed over the handlebar
  • Front unfolds so that the handlebar and hands are covered
  • Breathable, wind and waterproof
  • Retains functionality and elegance with the tailored fit in all weather circumstances
Model Seq Urban
Color Black
Brand AGU
Sport All Sports
Junior / Senior Senior
Technology Windbreaker
Water Resistance Waterproof
Gender Women

Additional Information

Stylish, aesthetic and innovative: SEQ Urban was awarded in 2013 with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, an international award for innovative and functional design. But, uh, it's still a raincoat? Yes, specially designed for young, fashion-conscious woman who transforms her coat in class within seconds to elegant poncho for cycling. This is done by unzipping the sides of the jacket and on the steering wheel to hang, so that is a front unfolds so that the legs are optimally protected from rain. This uniquely styled jacket you are always discreetly prepared for rain: almost a shame that not more often raining. 

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