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Triggerpoint Foam Rollers & Massage

Triggerpoint is specialized in helping to reduce long-lasting pain throughout the body. Pain is usually caused by so-called ‘Triggerpoints’, which are some sort of knots in a muscle strand. Surprisingly many sorts of pain in our body are caused by these knots. The foam rollers and massage products from Triggerpoint are designed to reduce the pain in a fast and effective way. By applying pressure with the foam roller or massage stick on the exact spot where the pain is, you can massage the knots loose. As a result the pain will be reduced firmly. The products from Triggerpoint are very suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. These products are also frequently used by top sports people who want to take good care of their body.

Foam Rollers 

The foam rollers from Triggerpoint are very popular as a warming-up before a sport activity. They help to relax your muscles and to recover from knots in muscle strands. We sell Foam Rollers in different shapes, hardnesses and colours. This way we can offer the right foam roller for every sort of warming-up and workout.


Besides the foam roller we also sell multiple massage products from Triggerpoint such as massage sticks, massage balls and performance kits. The Triggerpoint massage sticks are designed to reduce the pain by using it to massage both standing and sitting. The massage balls are made to reach tough-to-reach spots all over your body, so you can also massage those parts easily.