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Trigger The Grid Foam Roller - Black

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The GRID foam roller is designed with proprietary Distrodensity zones. This three dimensional surface has a variety of widths to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands.

  • Three-dimensional surface allows tissue to aerate while you roll, promoting the flow of blood and oxygen—the nutrients needed to repair muscles
  • Hard, hollow core hand-wrapped in EVA foam makes it firmer than traditional foam rollers
  • Environmental design uses less foam than traditional foam rollers
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Weight tested to support up to 500 lbs/225 kg static load
  • Size: Length: 33 cm, Diameter, 14 cm
  • Unique design with different density zones that create more focused massages.
  • Designed to resist a constant, heavy, and repeated use without ripping.
  • Perfect for massaging different body-parts and for an extended training of the core-muscles.
Barcode 3700006350013
Color Black
Brand Triggerpoint
Model The Grid
Sport Fitness

Additional Information

What are trigger points?

Trigger Point are small knots that occur in the muscles due to overload or injuries. These hard spots, also called nodes, are very (pressure) sensitive and can lead to other symptoms, such as neck pain, headaches, pain in the lower back, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Self Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (abbreviation SMR = Self Myofascial Release) is used to relieve pain by stretching and applying pressure to these trigger points. The use of SMR ensures that the sores are less sensitive and tense, so that also the problems which are a result of these trigger points will disappear. Additionally, SMR also has a positive effect on the mobility and muscle quality.

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